Submitting your design is easy! Winning designs give student designers the opportunity to intern at our HQ in NYC while learning valuable design skills to bring back to their community. The next Student Design League competition will take place Spring 2018. Check back soon for details or click here to shop for your next University t-shirt!

Freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors welcome.  Must be enrolled in a program participating in the Student Design League at your university.  Limit 5 (five) designs per entrant.

  • Auburn University: If design is to be mass produced, it cannot feature Aubie.
  • Florida State University: Please display sensitivity to Native American images and paraphernalia.
  • University of Alabama: Download here.
  • University of Arkansas: Download here.
  • University of Tennessee: Read this & Download here.
  • West Virginia University: Download here.


Designs must be featured on the t-shirt and hat template provided in PDF format.  University logo must be on products. 

Check back soon for details!